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Project Description
Urdu Translation Project

Bi-Lingual Translator - Urdu/English/Urdu

A Language base Society need the development of English to Urdu/ Urdu to English Online Translation website that include:

- First Editable Text Box to Copy Paste or to Type in multiple paragraphs in a) Urdu with phonetic keyboard, b) English QWERT keyboard.
- Urdu Typing should be w.r.t. Urdu Language Rules, allow Unicode string and
..... encodings like UTF-8, ISO 8859-x, also allow ZWNJ zero and non-zero joiner,
..... Character Sets: Alpha Numeric, Urdu Characters, Urdu/English Numeric letters.

- Translation Option Button (Urdu to English / English to Urdu)

- Translation to or from Urdu should be accurate by all rules of Urdu Grammar, sense of noun and verbs,
..... applying Normalization rules and sentence to sentence.

- User signup/login system will be the part of the website which will allow to use this translation facility
..... but the service of website will be served on voluntarily basis.

Just reducing the scope of project for only bilingual instead of Multi-Lingual.

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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